QuickTrim PVC Product SALE

Big Deal & Big Difference!

SALE NOW on QuickTrim PVC Products​

Get PVC QuickTrim – Trim Boards
for LESS or about the SAME PRICE
as similar sized VINYL LINEALS

Patented all-in-one solution includes: Solid
PVC, nailing flange for hidden fastening,
starter strip, and built-in ¾” J-Channel

QuickTrim PVC Product SALE
3-Tier SALE on QuickTrim Trim Boards
BUY more SAVE more!
4″ & 6″ widths / 10′ & 20′ lengths
Buy 5 packs of 2 Boards = 10% Of
Buy ½ Pallet = 12% Off
Buy Full Pallet = 14% Off
14% Off SALE on all other
QuickTrim Products
Corner Posts (Inside/Outside)
Water Tables
Transition Boards
Mounting Blocks


  • Higher quality alternative to vinyl lineals
  • Superior product performance
  • Precision cut vs. manual snipping
  • No nail holes – No plugs – No maintenance
  • Tight seams & exceptional fastener-free finish

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QuickTrim PVC Product

SALE Details

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Product Sale Dates & Shipping

QuickTrim PVC Product SALE pricing valid January 18, 2021 – April 12, 2021

Minimum Purchase Order Size Required is $550.00
Freight included with minimum order of $550.00

All-in-One Solution

Patented QuickTrim – Trim Boards all-in-one solution includes:

Solid PVC • Nailing flange for hidden fastening • Starter strip • Built-in ¾” J-Channel

Download Trim Solutions QuickTrim Promotion Details (PDF)

How to Order

Email Purchase Orders directly to Trim Solutions by sending us an email to Jeff@Trimsolutions.net.

Existing and potential new distributors, may call (860) 758-7900 to place your order.


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