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Our founder, Dan Cashman, has been on the job as a vinyl siding contractor for over 35 years. When he is not installing new vinyl siding and exterior trim, he is providing exterior design consulting services to homeowners, builders, and architects. Dan’s many years of hands-on experience working with exterior siding and trim products including, cellular PVC, vinyl, fiber cement, and wood has proven invaluable to his clients when guiding them towards achieving their ultimate project goals. Throughout his career, Dan has earned a reputation for delivering outstanding customer results, impeccable craftsmanship, and a passion for exploring new product approaches and installation techniques in pursuit of achieving higher quality project outcomes for his customers.

By 2002, Dan had grown his business into being one of the largest vinyl siding contractors in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. During this period, Dan identified a significant need in the market for an exterior trim solution that would enhance the look and performance of new vinyl siding, windows, and doors. Dan seized the opportunity and created a patented line of exterior PVC trim products that added beauty, style, and architectural integrity to exterior trim. Dan’s roots as an install contractor also inspired him to ensure that his new line of patented products would greatly help reduce the amount of time and labor required for any contractor to install his solutions.

In 2006, Dan founded Trim Solutions to manufacture his new patented line of beautiful exterior PVC trim products. Dan has always believed that every homeowner deserves to have their new vinyl siding, windows, and doors adorned with an exterior trim solution that provides a fantastic finish and an added “POP” to their home’s exterior – and Trim Solutions was formed to deliver on that belief.

Today, Trim Solutions is the manufacturer of North America’s most comprehensive exterior PVC trim solution with a rapidly growing distribution channel.

At Trim Solutions, our mission is to design, manufacture, and sell high quality – easy to install – exterior PVC trim products in order to enhance the beauty, style, and performance of new vinyl siding, windows, and doors.

Dan Cashman

Dan Cashman

Our principles define our success.

  • Take care of the customer with the highest quality products and craftsmanship. Share our ingenuity and experience to inspire best practices & outstanding results.
  • Strive to deliver unique value to our customers. Listen to the customer to help them realize their imagination.
  • Take care of the company. Strong individual work ethic and maintain leadership through innovation.
  • Take care of our people and our community. Provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and make a personal contribution to the success of the company and to our community.


Our Product Difference
The Trim Solutions patented all-in-one solution includes high-quality solid cellular PVC, a nailing flange for hidden fastening, a starter strip for inner and bottom edge fastening, and a built-in J-Channel to receive all types of vinyl siding. The Trim Solutions product design eliminates the need for any nail holes through the face of the trim or any unsightly and outdated adjunct J-Channel products.

Our Approach
We hide the nails so you NEVER see them. A nailing flange for hidden fastening means no nail holes through the face of your brand-new PVC trim. It also means no plugs, no caulk, and no paint on the face of your new exterior trim. After all, your new exterior trim should remain beautiful and perfectly new!

Significantly reduced time and labor for the contractor to install. Trim Solutions prefabricates a line of products that arrive on the job site ready-for-install. The contractor measures and we make and deliver. The contractor simply unwraps the product, attaches it to the building, and moves on! For the contractor, this means no manual snipping of material and far less time, labor, and waste on the job site.

Our Performance
Product integrity intact. Solid cellular PVC material combined with our patented hidden fastening system means that the new exterior trim remains as intended – impervious to water. This means no mold, no mildew, no rot and insect resistant. And all of that means no maintenance, low cost of ownership, and a superior look and finish!

We think it’s worth saying again… Every homeowner deserves to have their new vinyl siding, windows, and doors adorned with an exterior trim solution that provides a fantastic finish and an added “POP” to their home’s exterior.

Trim Solutions exterior PVC trim products: Invented by a contractor – for the homeowner and the contractor.


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