Window & Door Mantels

Another Level of Distinction – Made to Your Specification

Striving for a truly classic architectural look? Our PVC window and door mantels are the perfect complement to windows, entry doors, and garage doors. Made in a variety of widths, heights and styles. Trim Solutions will also manufacture mantels to your size specifications! Gone are the days of cutting and splicing a mantel with a keystone.

Prefabricated and assembled and feature a one-piece seamless crown, angled cap for water run-off, and pre-drilled installation holes and fasteners that make installation simple and fast. Our hidden-fastener system hides the nails so you NEVER see them. High-quality, precision-fit, and a fastener-free finish. No nail holes. No plugs. No caulk. No maintenance. Prefabricated ready-for-install. Simply unwrap, attach, and move on!

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Window & Door Mantels

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