Garage Door Trim

A Significant Aesthetic Boost – Not to Be Overlooked

The garage door is often the first thing the homeowner and their guests see when approaching the home. In fact, people often enter a home from the garage. Sound familiar? Yet, selecting a distinctive garage door trim is often overlooked in the exterior design process. No more! Choose Trim Solutions garage door trim to make a beautiful and distinctive first impression.

Select from several garage door trim styles – all of which include built in extension jambs. Our hidden-fastener system hides the nails so you NEVER see them. High-quality, precision-fit, and a fastener-free finish. No nail holes. No plugs. No caulk. No maintenance. Prefabricated to your measurements. Simply unwrap, cut bottom of legs to fit slope of garage floor, attach and move on! A contractor can easily install our garage door trim solution in 30 minutes or less!

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