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Trim Solutions exterior PVC products fall into two categories:

Prefabricated Product category or QuickTrim Product category

All Trim Solution products are made with solid cellular PVC and include our patented hidden fastening system to ensure both architectural integrity and a beautiful fastener-free finish. Please choose the trim solution that best meets the need of your project.

Prefabricated Products

Trim Solutions prefabricated products are designed to arrive on the job site ready-for-install. The contractor provides the required measurements to Trim Solutions and we make the product to your specification. The products arrive on the job site ready-for-install. The contractor simply unwraps the product and installs. Our prefabricated products are made to be installed in minutes – not hours! Perfect for the contractor who is looking to reduce the amount of time, labor, and waste on the job site.

Choose the prefabricated trim product and style that best meets the need of your project:

QuickTrim Products

Trim Solutions QuickTrim products are designed to be measured and cut on the job site by the contractor. A perfect alternative to vinyl lineal products and for the contractor who needs to design and fabricate on the job site. QuickTrim products are available in standard widths and lengths and are stocked at qualified distributor locations.

Choose the QuickTrim product that best meets the application for your project:


Beautiful Trim Accessories with Architectural Integrity for Vinyl Siding Homes

Every home with vinyl siding deserves a superior exterior PVC trim solution to accessorize and enhance the vinyl siding chosen by the homeowner. Trim Solutions’ QuickTrim products were designed to beautify and provide architectural integrity to the exterior trim of vinyl siding homes. After all, every homeowner deserves to have their new vinyl siding adorned with an exterior trim solution that provides that fantastic finish and added “pop” on their home!

Our patented all-in-one QuickTrim – Trim Board is unmatched in the industry and includes solid cellular PVC material, a nailing flange for hidden fastening, a starter strip for bottom edge fastening, and a built-in J-Channel. Our hidden fastening nailing flange means no nail holes, plugs, or caulk through or on the face of your brand-new trim board. These unique inherent features of QuickTrim also benefit the install contractor as they realize a significant reduction in labor and time to install – not to mention an outstanding referenceable project!

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