The New Way To Trim

The Trim Solution’s story of innovation is just like any other company who wants to create something new to fill a void in the market. As craftsmen and builders in the construction industry for over 25 years, we realized there was a better way to install and fabricate trim. We developed technology to eliminate the annoyances that come with installing exterior trim and made it quicker, more affordable, and longer lasting.

How Do We Do This?

All of our window surrounds, door surrounds, and every trim in between, come pre-assembled with a revolutionary nailing flange and optional built-in “J” channel. Our corner posts, columns, garage door trim, and mantels are the only trim products on the market that don’t require nailing into the face of the PVC trim.

We’re also proud to announce the next generation in hidden fastening: QuickTrim System, an exterior PVC flat stock board that comes standard with a nailing flange and starter strip providing the ultimate fastener-free finish for exterior home trim. Say goodbye to screws and plugs. There’s no need to penetrate the face of the board which leaves a professional, clean and finished look every time. The way PVC was intended to be. QuickTrim System offers an optional j-channel for use with vinyl siding and is the fastest and most cost effective hidden-fastening solution on the market. These PVC flat stock boards are low-maintenance and don’t require face nailing, painting or caulking. They’re durable, weather resistant and won’t rot or split like wood. For more information, visit the QuickTrim System website.

Trim Solutions Products

Finally, a low-maintenance exterior with architectural integrity!

Trim Solutions, LLC’s exterior trim products, along with our innovative design, use high-quality PVC material that is Made To Last and Designed To Impress. Being low maintenance, homeowners can maintain their exterior trim with a simple power wash hose.