Trim Boards


The Only Solution To Face Nailing

Never nail through the face of trim boards again! Keep the look of high-quality PVC trim beautiful with our patented hidden-fastening system. Using our continuous nailing flange, and optional built-in “J” channel, installing sub rakes and frieze boards is quick and easy. Trim Solutions exterior PVC products are low-maintenance and don’t require any face-nailing, caulking, or painting.

Finally, a low maintenance exterior trim with architectural integrity you can deliver to your clients.

  • No Face Nailing
  • Continuous Nailing Flange
  • Optional Built-In “J” Channel
  • High-Quality Cellular PVC
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Waste
  • Does Not Require Painting
  • Available in White
  • Made in the USA
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Size & Style

Type Sizes Drawings
Sub Rake 4" •  6" •  6" with Shingle Moulding PDF
Frieze Board 8" • 10" PDF
Water Table 8" • 10" PDF
Transition Board 6" • 8" • 10" PDF



(NOTE: This is a two person job)

1. Remove 3/8” j starter from side or sides (transaction board) of frieze board.

2. Install 3/8” j starter in the desired location with 1 ½” roofing nails (gables, under soffit, W. Table 1” below foundation, etc.) nail in the center of all slots of j starter.

3. Slide frieze board into slot for 3/8” j starter, and nail flange on opposite side in every other hole with 1/12” roofing nails. If transaction board, nail both sides of flanges at desired location with 1 ½” roofing nails in the center of every other slot (no j starter needed).

4. After frieze board is installed, apply weatherization tape ½ on flange and other ½ on house wrap for a water tight application.

 5. On lengths over 20’, use PVC glue on all joints and allow for expansion at corners or terminations.