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Trim Solutions specializes in the highest quality PVC exterior trim products, including door surrounds, window surrounds, garage door trim, columns, QuickTrim System, ClipTrim, corner posts, and more.

We revolutionized and patented the Hidden-Fastening System and focused on incorporating a specialized gasket to mitigate seasonal expansion and contraction. No pinching or misalignment takes place within your trim.

There is no need to plug holes, face nail or waste time traveling to your supplier because you ran out of materials. All Trim Solutions products are fully assembled and durable, saving time and giving you an easy-to-install product with an elegant look that will last forever.

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The Trim Solutions Advantage

Trim Solutions is committed to delivering quality, durability and long-term value to our customers. Our low-maintenance trim mitigates seasonal expansion and contraction at the joints, and our patented hidden-fastening system ensures a seamless exterior with no nails through the face of the trim.




  • No need to paint or caulk
  • Ready to install
  • Patented technology for hidden fasteners
  • Never a nail in the trim itself
  • Optional built-in “J” channel
  • No job site waste
  • Packaged securely to arrive safe and damage free
  • Product precisely machined to a superior fit and finish
  • Window fin relief cut on the back side of the window surround
  • Built-in water management